How Rand Works

The Magic Behind Rand

When users log in to the mobile app, they can either join a Public Vault to win prizes or create their own Private Vault or with friends and family. In either case, the first action is to deposit funds to their Rand wallet.
Users can choose to deposit with cryptocurrency by connecting their MetaMask account and completing a transfer to their Rand wallet. Additionally, with our partner Criptan, European users of Rand Network will be able to deposit FIAT savings from their bank via direct bank transfer or via a debit card. Once users have deposited their funds to the Vault of their choice, the funds will be converted into stable coins (USDC).
From there, the stable coins will be transferred to the Rand Yield Aggregator, which automatically redistributes them to the best yield strategies in DeFi money markets. When the predetermined vault period concludes, the stable coins that were initially pooled for gaining interest will be returned to the Vaults along with the accrued interest.
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