Let the Rand App pay your Monthly Expenses on Autopilot!

What is Rand?

Rand App is a personal finance booster that helps you pay for all your monthly expenses on autopilot. People hate spending money every month on subscriptions. You share multiple subscription accounts with your friends and family, think Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, to save money or because you share an address. These all add up each month and annually represent a big expense that has to be paid for.
You also try to pay for larger expenses but those monthly expenses reduce what you can spend or save. But what if you could earn income to cover these expenses by opening one account together? This is Rand.
By pooling your money with friends or family, you can make your money work harder. Rand Network connects people to produce returns in a way that is safe and also helps you save money rather than spend it.
The platform is entirely powered by our yield aggregator which enables us to produce interest with user's funds through different decentralized and centralized yield strategies.
We allow you to achieve your financial goals with two main core products: Private Vaults Public Vaults Private Vaults are created between your circle of friends and/or family, where known contacts are invited to pool funds and earn together, covering all your monthly expenses in one place. With private vaults, you and/or a groups of people are able to achieve their shared financial goals faster and more effectively.
Public Vaults are hosted and created by Rand Network to create a financial gateway for everyone. Users can gain access by depositing their savings and by the end of the week, all the yield/interest produced by the participants' cumulative deposits get distributed to a number of winners chosen at random. If you don’t win, your initial deposit stays put or can be withdrawn whenever suits you. It is that simple.
Because Rand is built on blockchain and earns yield through stable coins, your deposits are secure and we minimize risk against crypto volatility, keeping you investing and earning.


Last modified 4mo ago
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